Sluggish iPhone 15 Sales in China Raise Concerns for Apple Stock


Summary: iPhone 15 sales in China are down 4.5% compared to last year, causing concern for Apple investors. Market analysts predict a challenging holiday season for the tech giant.

According to a report by Counterpoint Research, iPhone 15 sales in China have experienced a decline of 4.5% after being on the market for 17 days. This drop has raised concerns among investors about the performance of Apple’s flagship product in the Chinese market.
In addition to the decline in sales, Huawei has reportedly overtaken Apple as the leader in smartphone market share in China, further impacting Apple’s position in the market.
As a result of these developments, Apple’s stock closed down 0.7% in Wednesday’s trading session, adding to the apprehension among investors. Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust portfolio is among those holding Apple stock.
With the company’s earnings report scheduled for Thursday, November 2, investors are eagerly awaiting the news to assess the impact of the Chinese market on Apple’s overall performance and to determine the best strategy moving forward.

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