Sly Stone’s Memoir: Tales of Funk, Drugs, and Survival


Summary: Sly Stone’s memoir takes readers on a journey through his remarkable life in music, filled with stories of funk, drugs, and survival. From his early vision of blending genres to his descent into addiction and legal troubles, Stone’s book provides vivid accounts of his experiences. Although lacking in personal introspection, the memoir showcases Stone’s unwavering belief in the power of music.

In his new memoir, Sly Stone reminisces about his 1970s rock stardom, including the time he briefly shared a mansion with a mysterious baboon. Born Sylvester Stewart, Stone’s musical vision was to create a unique blend of Motown pop-soul, funk, R&B, gospel, and psychedelic rock. His band, Sly and the Family Stone, achieved great success with hits like ‘Everyday People’ and ‘I Want To Take You Higher,’ influencing generations of artists. However, as drugs took hold and the ’60s dream faded, Stone’s music took a darker turn.
Stone’s memoir delves into the recording process of his 1971 album, ‘There’s a Riot Goin’ On,’ and the challenges he faced. Despite his advocacy for Black Power, Stone faced criticism from both Black Panthers and some white people. Throughout his struggles with addiction and legal troubles, music remained Stone’s solace and he never lost faith in its spiritual power.
The memoir provides a glimpse into Stone’s backstage debauchery and drug abuse during his touring days. From carrying a cocaine-filled violin case to indulging in PCP binges, Stone’s addiction overshadowed his talent and led to jail time and rehab. Despite the bleakness of his experiences, Stone’s memoir is a testament to his belief in the uplifting power of music.
Although the memoir lacks deep personal reflection, fans of Sly Stone will appreciate the vivid accounts of his life in music and the behind-the-scenes moments of recording studios and star-studded parties. Published under hip-hop empresario Questlove’s imprint, the memoir showcases Stone’s incredible journey through highs and lows in the music industry.

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