SpaceX Set to Attempt Second Starship Spaceflight


SpaceX is attempting a second launch of its Starship rocket to push the development of the spacecraft, preparing for an uncrewed test flight to space.

Second Attempt at Launch

SpaceX is gearing up for a second attempt at launching its Starship rocket to space. The company has a 20-minute window for the launch, and if it misses that window due to weather or technical reasons, the attempt will be postponed.

History of Starship Rocket

SpaceX’s first full Starship rocket system was launched in April, achieving several historic firsts despite not reaching space. The mid-air destruction of the rocket triggered a regulatory review by the Federal Aviation Administration lasting nearly seven months.

Details of the Launch

Assuming the launch goes as planned, Starship will travel around the Earth before re-entering the atmosphere and splashing down off the coast of Kauai. The launch attempt comes amidst renewed backlash against SpaceX CEO Elon Musk over comments made online, criticized by the White House.

Starship System

The Starship rocket, fully stacked on the Super Heavy booster, stands 397 feet tall and is the tallest and most powerful rocket ever launched. It aims to become a new method of flying cargo and people beyond Earth, crucial to NASA’s plan to return astronauts to the moon.

Goals for Second Flight

The upcoming uncrewed test flight aims to surpass the duration of the first flight, reaching space and demonstrating improvements to ground infrastructure. SpaceX expects to fly hundreds of missions before crewed launches, emphasizing mission safety.