Spotify to Lay Off 17% of Employees


Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announces a 17% reduction in workforce due to economic challenges and the need to rightsize costs, affecting approximately 1,500 employees. Ek emphasizes the company’s commitment to remaining profitable and innovative through a leaner structure.

Spotify’s Workforce Reduction

Music streaming service Spotify, under the leadership of CEO Daniel Ek, has decided to lay off 17% of its employees, amounting to around 1,500 jobs, as part of a targeted effort to streamline costs and address the impact of economic downturn on its growth. This comes after the company reported a profit of 65 million euros in the third quarter, attributing the positive financial performance to reduced expenses in marketing and personnel.

CEO’s Memo to Staff

In a memo addressed to the staff, CEO Daniel Ek conveyed the necessity of the decision, mentioning the company’s previous overexpansion during the years 2020 and 2021, fueled by more accessible capital and investment opportunities within the tech industry. Ek acknowledged the difficult nature of the step and expressed gratitude to departing employees for their contributions, while assuring the remaining team of the company’s commitment to manage the transition with respect and compassion.

Aligning with Future Goals

Ek emphasized aligning Spotify with its future objectives, which has led to the reduction in headcount. The company’s efforts to become both productive and efficient have driven this decision, acknowledging that despite the impressive output in recent years, Spotify needs to adapt to a changed environment and operate in a more resourceful manner. The memo also outlined the support and benefits that impacted employees will receive during the transition period.

Strategic Reorientation and Future Outlook

The memo also highlighted the need for Spotify to return to its early principles of resourcefulness and defined a leaner structure as necessary for future success. Ek pointed out that this step is aimed at reorienting the company’s approach to investment and innovation, ensuring continued profitability and impactful growth. He expressed confidence in Spotify’s ability to overcome this transition and invited the team to join a discussion about the future direction of the company.