Starbucks Sues Workers United Union Over Pro-Palestinian Post


Summary: Starbucks has filed a lawsuit against Workers United union, claiming that a pro-Palestine social media post from the union’s account during the Israel-Hamas conflict has harmed its reputation. The coffee giant is demanding that the union stop using the name ‘Starbucks Workers United’ and a logo resembling Starbucks’. The lawsuit also alleges trademark infringement. Starbucks received over 1,000 complaints about the post, with workers facing hostility and threats. The union argues that Starbucks is exploiting the Middle East tragedy for its anti-union campaign.

Starbucks is taking legal action against the Workers United union, accusing them of damaging the company’s reputation through a pro-Palestine post on social media. In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, Starbucks is demanding that Workers United cease using the name ‘Starbucks Workers United’ and a logo similar to Starbucks’ trademark. The post, which expressed solidarity with Palestine, was online for a brief period before being deleted.

The Seattle-based coffee giant claims that it received numerous complaints from customers regarding the union’s post. Starbucks employees also faced hostilities and threatening phone calls as a result. Incidents of vandalism, including spray-painted Stars of David and a swastika on a store window, were reported in Rhode Island. Republican politicians, such as Senator Rick Scott and State Representative Randy Fine, called for boycotts of Starbucks in response.

The Workers United union, a Philadelphia-based affiliate of the Service Employees International Union, argues that Starbucks is exploiting the Middle East conflict to further its anti-union campaign. In a letter to Starbucks, Workers United President Lynne Fox accused the company of capitalizing on the tragedy. Starbucks has emphasized its condemnation of hate, terrorism, and violence, expressing sympathy for innocent victims in both Israel and Gaza. The company’s stance on the conflict has been outlined in official statements, while Workers United and its parent union, SEIU, have not issued their own statements.

Starbucks Workers United, operating under that name since August 2021, has played a significant role in unionizing Starbucks stores across the U.S. However, Starbucks has been resistant to unionization and has not reached a labor agreement at any of its unionized stores. The process has been marked by labor protests and disputes, with federal district judges and administrative judges from the National Labor Relations Board ruling in favor of the workers in various cases.

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