Survey Shows High Rate of Faulty Cars Sold in Victoria


Summary: A survey in Victoria reveals that 17% of car buyers have purchased vehicles with major faults. Advocates call for penalties for companies selling faulty cars.

According to a recent survey conducted in Victoria, 17% of car buyers have purchased vehicles with major faults. The survey by the Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) interviewed over 1,000 consumers who had bought cars in the past five years. More than half of the respondents reported buying a car with some type of fault. Of those surveyed, 17% said their cars had major safety faults, such as the engine cutting out or transmission failing. The CPRC is calling for penalties to be imposed on car dealerships that fail to rectify these issues. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also been advocating for penalties for companies that do not fix or replace faulty goods. However, the car industry in Victoria disputes the extent of the problem, claiming that many complaints are minor issues that can be easily solved. The CPRC is also calling for an overhaul of the complaints process and the introduction of an industry-funded ombudsman to better assist consumers.

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