Suspected Extremist Kills 2 Swedish Soccer Fans in Brussels Shooting


Summary: Belgian police are searching for a suspected Tunisian extremist who shot and killed two Swedish soccer fans on a Brussels street. The attacker, armed with a military weapon, opened fire on passersby before chasing them into a building and gunning them down. Security has been increased in the capital, particularly in areas connected to the Swedish community. The terrorist attack has prompted the suspension of the Belgium-Sweden soccer match as authorities search for the assailant.

Belgian police are conducting a search for a suspected Tunisian extremist who is accused of killing two Swedish soccer fans in a brazen shooting on a Brussels street. The attacker, wearing an orange fluorescent vest, arrived on a scooter and opened fire on passersby with a large weapon. He then pursued them into a building and shot them. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden has suggested that a person may have been shot by police in connection with the rampage. The identity of the individual has yet to be confirmed by the federal prosecutor’s office.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo expressed his condolences to the victims’ families, describing the attack as an act of extreme brutality. The security has been heightened in the capital, particularly around areas linked to the Swedish community. The Belgium-Sweden soccer match, which took place in the Belgian national stadium, was suspended as a precautionary measure while the attacker remained at large. Prosecutor Eric Van Duyse stated that security measures were put in place to protect the Swedish supporters in the stadium.

The assailant, identified as a Tunisian man living illegally in Belgium, used a military weapon to kill the two Swedish individuals and injure a third, who is currently recovering from severe injuries. A video posted online by the suspect claimed responsibility for killing three Swedish people. In the video, he stated that the Quran is a red line for him and that he is willing to sacrifice himself for it. The attack appears to be unrelated to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Belgian authorities conducted a raid in the Schaerbeek neighborhood of Brussels, where they believed the suspect was staying, but he was not found. The Swedish foreign ministry sent a message to subscribers in Belgium, urging them to be vigilant and follow instructions from Belgian authorities. The suspect was denied asylum in 2019 and was known to police for involvement in human trafficking. Information from a foreign government indicated that he had been radicalized and intended to travel abroad for jihad, but this was not confirmed by Belgian authorities. The man disappeared after his asylum application was rejected, making it difficult for authorities to locate him for deportation. The terror alert for Brussels has been raised to the highest level, indicating an extremely serious threat, while the rest of the country’s alert level has been raised to the third-highest level. Prime Minister De Croo emphasized that Belgium will not be intimidated by such attacks.

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