Swiss Skier Marco Odermatt Continues Dominance in Year-Ending World Cup Ski Race


Marco Odermatt showcases his super-G dominance by claiming a clear victory in the year-ending World Cup ski race, extending his winning streak in the sport.

Marco Odermatt’s Impressive Victory

Swiss skier Marco Odermatt secured a clear victory in the last men’s World Cup race of 2023 in BORMIO, Italy. His exceptional skill and technique allowed him to conquer the demanding Stelvio course, surpassing runner-up Raphael Haaser of Austria by 0.98 seconds. This triumph marks Odermatt’s 10th win and 17th podium finish in his last 20 super-G starts, further solidifying his prowess in the sport.

Odermatt’s Remarkable Performance

Odermatt credited his victory to meticulous planning and smart skiing, enabling him to execute a flawless run down the challenging course. Despite starting with the third best time, he showcased unparalleled speed and precision in subsequent sections, maintaining a tight line and harnessing considerable speed in the final flat stretch.

Competition Results and Challenges

Fellow skier Aleksander Aamodt Kilde trailed 1.31 seconds behind, solidifying his position as Odermatt’s top contender for the overall title. Odermatt currently leads Kilde by 396 points in the season rankings, further underscoring his dominance in the sport. Additionally, the race witnessed Vincent Kriechmayr posting the fastest time in the opening section, only to finish fourth due to a lack of speed in the middle parts of the course.

Notable Participants and Interruption

The race also featured a mishap involving Cyprien Sarrazin, who missed a gate early in his run while displaying strong initial performance. Additionally, the contest saw World super-G champion James Crawford finishing 2.19 seconds behind Odermatt. The event experienced an interruption when Italian veteran Christof Innerhofer crashed into the safety netting, subsequently being airlifted off the hill with an unspecified injury.

Odermatt’s Reflections

Reflecting on the race, Odermatt expressed condolences for the season-ending knee injury suffered by Austrian skier Marco Schwarz. Odermatt emphasized the fine line between success and adversity in skiing, underscoring the challenges and risks inherent in the sport.