Welcome to the ad-free internet

The internet is witnessing a rise in ad-free options as tech companies begin to offer alternatives to the traditional ad-supported model. From social media to TV and beyond, the landscape of digital advertising is changing.

The Intricate World of Handling Customer Returns

The reverse logistics industry has witnessed a drastic increase due to the rise in online shopping and resulting returns. We delve into the intricate process of handling and deciding the fate of returned products.

Subdued Black Friday Shopping Season amid Economic Caution and Online Shift

Black Friday shopping experiences a quieter season this year as global shoppers show caution amid economic concerns and a shift towards online shopping, leading to deeper discounts and sporadic protests. U.S. shoppers plan to spend an average of $875 this holiday season, with a focus on clothing, gift cards, and toys.

Struggle of Small Music Venues Amid Rising Costs

Small music venues are facing challenges to keep ticket prices affordable as inflation eats into their profits, leading to a difficult balancing act for venue owners and the need for support from government and private foundation levels.

CEOs Embrace the New Buzzword ‘Choiceful’

CEOs of major companies have repeatedly used the adjective ‘choiceful’ in their public appearances and investor updates, reflecting a shift in consumer behavior amid inflation and economic changes.