US Urges Israel to Show Restraint in Gaza Conflict

As renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza continues, the US is pressuring Israel to exercise caution and protect Palestinian civilians. The US officials’ remarks underscore the mounting pressure from Washington, as the conflict intensifies.

Elon Musk Visits Israel, Discusses Starlink for Gaza

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk visits Israel to discuss using SpaceX’s Starlink for communication in the Gaza Strip amid a temporary truce in the war against Hamas. The visit also involves discussions on combating rising antisemitism online.

Israel and Hamas Exchange Hostages in Truce, More Releases Expected

Israel and Palestinian group Hamas exchange hostages in a truce, with more releases expected as part of the ongoing deal. The exchange follows a planned four-day truce to allow an exchange of 50 hostages for Palestinian prisoners, marking the first break in the seven-week war between the two sides.