The Rise of Streaming Bundles in 2024

As traditional pay TV continues to decline, media companies are gearing up for the streaming era with the rise of bundled services, potentially reshaping the industry landscape in 2024.

The Weight Loss Drug Market in 2024

The weight loss drug market is expected to see more changes in 2024 as demand continues to rise, but supply issues persist and new players enter the market.

PGA Star Jon Rahm Joins Saudi-Backed LIV Golf League

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm shocks the industry by signing with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league, departing from the PGA Tour. The move is speculated to be a part of the ongoing power struggle between PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Premarket Surge and Declines for iRobot, Nvidia, Apple, and More

iRobot’s stocks surged 30% on news of a potential acquisition, while Nvidia shares fell 1.8% due to export restriction delays. Apple saw a 0.2% drop in shares after a decline in smartphone sales during China’s Singles Day, and retail stocks like Walmart and Target also saw increases as investors monitored Black Friday trends.