‘Wonka’ Tops Box Office in 2023

Hollywood ends 2023 with ‘Wonka’ leading ticket sales, reaching $9 billion. ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Aquaman’ also made strong showings.

The New ‘The Color Purple’ Finds Its Own Rhythm

The film adaptation of The Color Purple comes with a different goal as it aims to illustrate sentimental intensity through spectacle, making it a captivating experience. The movie focuses on the tough coming-of-age of a young woman as she seeks to find her own identity amidst adversity, with a special emphasis on the character’s interiority depicted through bold use of color and flamboyant flourishes of magical realism. The intricate portrayal of relationships and devoted performances elevate the film, despite some issues with pacing, making it a sensitive and captivating retelling of Celie’s story.