Taika Waititi’s Latest Comedy Misses the Mark


Taika Waititi’s latest comedy film ‘Next Goal Wins’ disappoints as it misuses Waititi’s signature humor, resulting in a dire and uncomfortable watch.

Taika Waititi’s Unique Brand of Humor

Taika Waititi is known for his breezy sense of humor and keen ability to tackle thorny subjects, as showcased in his breakout films like ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ and ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’.

Next Goal Wins: A Departure from Waititi’s Usual Style

Next Goal Wins, Waititi’s latest comedy effort, diverges from his typical darkly humorous storytelling. It portrays the American Samoa men’s soccer team’s journey, aiming for an inspirational sports comedy based on a true story.

Director’s Struggling Comic Timing

Waititi’s recent projects, including ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, have been marked by tonal issues and misfired comic timing, showing a departure from his earlier successes.

Uncomfortable Lead Performance and Misplaced Actor

The film’s lead performance by Michael Fassbender as the protagonist, Thomas Rongen, is deemed uncomfortable and misaligned with the winsome comedy tone. Fassbender’s usual intensity seems out of place in this context.

Loss of Sincerity in Waititi’s Storytelling

Waititi’s once patient and sincere storytelling has given way to flippancy, resulting in failed dramatic moments and deflationary humor, leading to a lack of investment in the film’s action.

A Disappointing Misfire

Overall, Next Goal Wins fails to capture Waititi’s signature storytelling and humor, resulting in a dire and uncomfortable film that misses the mark.