Tenant Refuses to Leave California Airbnb Rental for Months



  • An Airbnb host in Brentwood, California has struggled to evict a tenant who stopped paying rent and refused to leave for over two months. The story highlights issues property owners can face when renting homes on Airbnb.

The Tenant Stops Paying Rent

  • The tenant rented the property in January 2022 through Airbnb and was supposed to stay for only one month.
  • After the first month, the tenant stopped paying rent but refused to move out.
  • The host claims the tenant owes over $8,000 in back rent.

Difficulties Evicting the Tenant

  • The host has tried unsuccessfully to evict the tenant for over two months.
  • Eviction moratoriums in California due to Covid-19 made it harder to remove the tenant.
  • The sheriff’s department also refused to assist in forcibly removing the tenant.

Warning for Airbnb Hosts

  • This incident serves as a cautionary tale for Airbnb hosts about the risks of long-term tenants.
  • Hosts should carefully screen tenants and use lease agreements to protect their rights.
  • Understanding local tenant laws is also critical when renting properties on Airbnb.


  • For Airbnb hosts, lengthy eviction processes with non-paying tenants can lead to major lost income and property damage. More careful tenant vetting and lease agreements are advised.

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