Texas Judge Rejects GOP Lawsuit Overturning 2022 Election Result in Harris County


A Texas judge has denied a Republican effort to overturn the election results in Harris County, rejecting claims of ballot shortages and illegal votes.

GOP Lawsuit Denied

A Texas judge has rejected a lawsuit filed by a losing GOP candidate in a November judicial race, who sought to overturn election results in Harris County, blaming her defeat on ballot shortages and allegations of illegal votes.

Ruling Impact

The ruling against the lawsuit’s request for a new election is seen as a blow to GOP leaders in Harris County, who have been attempting to overturn the November 2022 election results in 17 other local contests. This decision comes amid a surge in court challenges nationwide fueled by baseless conspiracy theories about election fraud.

Response and Background

Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee, a Democrat, welcomed the judge’s decision and emphasized the need to move past the 2022 election. Harris County, with its large Latino and Black population, has faced election challenges, including long lines, poll worker shortages, and uncounted ballots. The losing candidate in the contested race, Erin Lunceford, alleged intentional targeting of Republican voting locations and other election irregularities, while the winning candidate’s lawyers portrayed the lawsuit as part of a broader GOP strategy to contest election results.