The Emerging Wave of Sports Construction in the US


A new wave of stadium projects for professional sports teams is underway in the US, with taxpayers funding multi-billion-dollar renovations and new constructions.

Wave of Stadium Construction

A new round of stadium construction is taking place in the US for professional sports teams, with taxpayers contributing to the multi-billion-dollar expenses. Major League Baseball and National Football League franchises have announced numerous projects for stadium renovations and new constructions, with some seeking public funding for the initiatives. This wave of construction has raised concerns, especially as debt from previous renovations is still being paid off.

New Projects Unveiled Monthly

The beginning of 2023 saw the start of multi-year stadium renovations for the New Orleans Saints and Toronto Blue Jays, followed by a series of announcements from other teams. From a $200 million renovation for the Cleveland Guardians’ baseball stadium to a $2.1 billion football stadium for the Tennessee Titans, and a new $1.3 billion baseball stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays, the pace of stadium projects accelerated, with almost one unveiling per month.

Mixed Results and Case Study

The outcomes of stadium projects have varied, as seen in the case of Georgia’s professional baseball and football teams. The Atlanta Falcons’ move to a $1.6 billion downtown stadium showed mixed results, with increased economic activity not enough to cover the public subsidies. The Atlanta Braves’ relocation to a new suburban ballpark with public funding also faced criticism, leading to political repercussions for local officials.

Pressure and Threats of Relocation

Political support for stadium projects often stems from the fear of sports teams relocating elsewhere. Recent relocations, such as the St. Louis Rams and the Chargers leaving their publicly funded domed stadium for a privately financed facility in Los Angeles, have intensified this pressure. As the Wisconsin lawmakers considered public aid for the Brewers’ ballpark renovation, concerns of potential relocation were raised, prompting MLB officials to emphasize the preference for retaining franchises in their current locations.