The Erosion of Truth in American Democracy


The upcoming potential reelection of Donald Trump poses a threat to the shared acceptance of reality as a resource, relying on emotional appeal and disregarding facts in American politics.

The Rise of Trump’s Gut Politics

Donald Trump, if reelected, is expected to continue relying on his gut instincts rather than facts, fostering absurdity and outrage efficiently, which threatens the foundation of American democracy.

The Transformation of Lies into Selling Points

Trump has successfully turned falsehoods into selling points, blurring the lines between true and false, and portraying truth as a lifestyle choice.

The Emotional Style of American Politics

American politics under Trump’s influence limits political imaginations, forecloses empathy, and absolves voters from the need to consider facts or rationality.

The Triumph of Emotion Over Rationality

Trump’s political approach not only appeals to emotion but insists that in politics, emotion is the only relevant factor, interpreting liberty as freedom from facts.

The Unchecked Influence of Trump’s Gut Politics

Even over a year after Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, his influence persists as his supporters continue to rely on emotions rather than facts to contest the election results.