The Impact of the Trump Administration on the Federal Judiciary


The Trump administration’s influence on the federal judiciary, particularly the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, is shaping the Supreme Court’s agenda and moving the law to the right.

The Overton Window and Political Views

In the 1990s, Joseph Overton developed the concept of the ‘Overton window’ to illustrate the range of acceptable political views. The idea is that what is considered beyond the pale today may be acceptable tomorrow as the window shifts.

Trump’s Influence on the Federal Judiciary

Donald Trump’s presidency has had a significant impact on the federal judiciary, particularly with his appointments to the Supreme Court and lower courts. His influence has led to a sharp right turn in the judiciary.

The Power of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, heavily influenced by Trump’s appointees, has emerged as a key player in shaping the Supreme Court’s docket. The court has overturned an array of decisions, and has often drawn attention from the Supreme Court.

Cases Arising from the Fifth Circuit

A significant number of cases reaching the Supreme Court have originated from the Fifth Circuit, and they tend to be ideologically charged. While the Supreme Court often reverses Fifth Circuit rulings, the lower court’s influence on shaping the law is notable.

Potential Impact on The Supreme Court

The conservative rulings of the Fifth Circuit judges may not always align with the Supreme Court’s decisions, and some of the high-profile cases on the current docket may not go in the Fifth Circuit’s favor. However, the influence of the Fifth Circuit on moving the law to the right cannot be discounted.

The Role of MAGA Judges

The bold and extreme rulings from the MAGA judges appointed during the Trump administration are impacting the direction of the Supreme Court and are shaping its agenda. The conservative judges’ outlier rulings play a role in reshaping the law.