The Potential of Green Hydrogen in the Mediterranean Region


The Mediterranean could become Europe’s green-energy hub, but faces challenges in harnessing solar energy for green hydrogen production and transportation to northern markets.

Green Hydrogen Project in Mallorca

A project in Mallorca aims to utilize ‘green’ hydrogen derived from solar power, but faces setbacks due to design flaws and lack of local interest.

Possibilities and Challenges in the Mediterranean Region

European governments hope to develop a green-hydrogen economy in the Mediterranean region, capitalizing on its solar energy potential. However, challenges exist in production, transportation, and market development.

Sun-Fueled Potential and Historical Energy Connections

The Mediterranean has historically been an energy conduit and now holds significant potential for solar energy production. The region’s conditions for harvesting natural forces are among the world’s best.

Revival of Solar Energy Projects

The revival of solar energy projects is driven by improved technology and cost-efficiency. The decreasing cost of utility-scale solar plants has rekindled interest in harnessing solar energy in the Mediterranean region.

Feasibility of Green Hydrogen Transportation

Advancements in electrolysis now make transporting green hydrogen to northern markets feasible. Analysts anticipate cost competitiveness and growing demand for green hydrogen as a carbon-free feedstock.

Challenges in Establishing Physical Connections

The Mediterranean faces challenges in establishing physical connections for transporting green hydrogen, including limited shipping capacity, geopolitical issues, and the need for substantial infrastructure investments.

European Initiatives and National Strategies

The European Commission and member states have launched initiatives and strategies to support the development of green hydrogen. Germany is particularly enthusiastic about importing green hydrogen to decarbonize its heavy industry.