Toddler Overcomes Multiple Amputations and Embraces Life


Summary: Ryan Lines, a toddler who underwent multiple amputations after a severe infection, is adapting well and remains his cheeky self. Despite facing challenges, Ryan’s family is grateful for the support they have received and is looking ahead to the future with hope.

Nearly two-year-old Ryan Lines has shown remarkable resilience after undergoing multiple amputations as a result of a severe infection. Last year, Ryan went into septic shock due to a group A Streptococcus bacterial infection, leading to the amputation of his feet and some fingers. Following months of surgery and temporary relocation to Adelaide, Ryan has been gradually adapting to his prosthetics. Though he is not yet walking with them, he is making progress in taking movements with the prosthetics. Ryan’s family wants to raise awareness about his life-altering infection and emphasize the importance of trusting parental instincts when something seems wrong with a child.

Each year, sepsis affects around 55,000 Australians, causing the body’s response to an infection to attack its own tissue and organs. Ryan’s experience highlights the seriousness of sepsis, as he went into cardiac arrest for 10 minutes. Associate Professor Naomi Hammond, a sepsis researcher, warns that sepsis can lead to death if not recognized and treated promptly. About 40% of Australians are not aware of sepsis, and Dr. Hammond emphasizes the need for more awareness and education.

Despite the challenges Ryan faces, his family is looking ahead with hope. In about six months, Ryan will have X-rays done on his legs to determine if further treatment is needed. The family acknowledges that there will come a point when Ryan may need a wheelchair, but they are grateful for the ongoing support they have received from the community. They express their appreciation for the emotional support and monetary donations, which have amounted to over $130,000. The Lines family believes that this journey will be ongoing, but they are determined to support Ryan every step of the way.

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