Top Wall Street’s Favorite Stocks for Long-Term Growth


Summary: Wall Street analysts have identified several stocks with lucrative long-term prospects that can navigate near-term pressures. The list includes Amazon, Meta Platforms, Intel, Micron Technology, and Costco Wholesale.

Investors are facing challenges such as macro uncertainty, energy price spikes, and the crisis in the Middle East. To provide guidance, top analysts have identified stocks with strong long-term potential. Wall Street’s favorite stocks include: Amazon: Despite recent concerns, JPMorgan analyst Doug Anmuth believes Amazon remains a good investment, as the pullback in stock price presents an opportunity to buy. He is particularly optimistic about Amazon Web Services’ growth. Meta Platforms: Analysts remain bullish on social media company Meta Platforms, highlighting its investments in AI and metaverse technologies. The valuation remains compelling with a buy rating on the stock. Intel: Intel’s decision to operate its Programmable Systems Business as a standalone business has garnered positive attention. Analysts believe this move will enhance growth opportunities and allow Intel to focus on its core strategies. Micron Technology: Despite a decline in revenue, Micron Technology’s fiscal fourth-quarter results exceeded expectations. Analysts expect positive pricing trends to drive growth in the coming quarters. Costco Wholesale: Costco reported strong fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, supported by steady traffic gains and an engaged membership base. Analysts anticipate the potential for a membership fee hike and/or special dividend. These stocks have gained favor among top analysts due to their long-term growth potential and ability to navigate current challenges.

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