Trump Jr. Defends Against New York Civil Fraud Claims


After a failed attempt for an early verdict, Donald Trump’s defense will question witnesses including Donald Trump Jr. in the New York civil fraud trial.

Overview of the Trial

In the New York civil fraud trial targeting Donald Trump’s real estate empire, the defense, after failing to secure an early verdict, is preparing to call their own witnesses. The trial centers on allegations by New York Attorney General Letitia James that Trump, his company, and executives inflated his wealth by billions of dollars on financial statements given to banks and insurers.

State Allegations and Defendant Defense

New York Attorney General Letitia James alleges that Trump and other executives overstated his wealth on financial statements, seeking over $300 million in ill-gotten gains and a ban on doing business in New York. The defense, including Donald Trump Jr., denies any wrongdoing and argues that the state has failed to prove their conspiracy, insurance fraud, and falsifying business records allegations.

Witnesses and Standpoints

The trial has seen testimony from Donald Trump Jr., among others, echoing claims of political persecution. Lawyers for the defense are seeking a directed verdict to clear Trump and the other defendants, arguing that the state’s case involves only successful and profitable loan transactions. The defense also plans to present expert witnesses to counter state testimonies.

Implications and Testimony

If found guilty, the defendants could face punitive measures including a potential loss of marquee properties. Donald Trump Jr. has previously testified that he relied on the company’s finance chief and outside accountants for accuracy, and that the case is a ‘political persecution’ brought by a Democrat to hinder Trump’s political aspirations.