Two Employees Convicted in Fatal Wisconsin Corn Mill Explosion


Summary: Two senior employees at a Wisconsin corn plant have been convicted of falsifying records and obstructing an investigation into a fatal corn dust explosion in 2017.

A federal jury in Wisconsin has found Derrick Clark, vice president of operations at Didion Milling, and Shawn Mesner, a former food safety superintendent at the company, guilty of multiple safety, environmental and fraud charges. They are the latest individuals to be convicted in connection with the 2017 explosion that killed five people. The explosion occurred due to corn dust, which is highly explosive and requires regular cleanings to prevent accumulations that can cause a blast. Didion Milling, the company involved, had already pleaded guilty to charges of falsifying records and agreed to pay fines and compensation to the victims’ families. Clark and Mesner were convicted of making false certifications and lying to investigators during the ensuing probe. Additional Didion employees have also pleaded guilty or been convicted for concealing environmental violations and falsifying records.

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