U.S. EPA Proposes 10-Year Plan to Replace Lead Water Pipes


The Biden administration proposes a 10-year plan to replace lead pipes in U.S. water systems, following concerns over public health and environmental issues.

Biden Administration’s Proposal

The Biden administration announced a proposal that would require water systems across the U.S. to replace lead pipes within the next decade.

EPA’s Regulatory Actions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) detailed a series of regulatory actions, including lowering the lead action level and enhancing sampling protocols for water systems.

Focus on Racial Disparities and Environmental Concerns

The White House aims to address racial disparities and environmental issues by eliminating all lead pipes within 10 years, particularly in the aftermath of water contamination crises in Newark, New Jersey and Flint, Michigan.

Infrastructure Package Funding

The administration has allocated $15 billion, part of the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package signed by President Biden in 2021, to support the removal of lead pipes.