UK Cybersecurity Center Warns of AI Threat to Next Election


The National Cyber Security Center in the UK has warned of the emerging threat of artificial intelligence to the next national election, highlighting the risks posed by deepfake videos and ‘hyper-realistic bots’. The agency also identified state-aligned actors and China’s tech dominance as significant cybersecurity challenges.

Emerging Threats to National Election

The National Cyber Security Center in the UK has issued a warning about the potential risks posed by artificial intelligence to the upcoming national election. They specifically mentioned the dangers associated with deepfake videos and ‘hyper-realistic bots’ in spreading disinformation during the campaign.

Cybersecurity Challenges

The center also highlighted the escalating cyber threats posed by state-aligned actors, particularly those sympathetic to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Additionally, it expressed concerns about China’s growing influence in the tech sector, labeling it as a significant challenge to the security and stability of UK interests.

Impact of AI on Elections

While the traditional voting method in the UK provides a level of security against hacking, the report emphasized the potential impact of AI technology on elections. It raised concerns about the use of deepfake videos and ‘hyper-realistic bots’ to facilitate the dissemination of misinformation during campaign periods.