UK Launches Science Initiative to Tackle Global Food Insecurity


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urges world leaders to use AI and science to develop resilient crops and combat malnutrition.

New Science Initiative for Resilient Crops

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the launch of a new science initiative to develop flood-tolerant rice, disease-resistant wheat, and other more resilient crops to address food insecurity exacerbated by climate change.

Global Food Security Summit

Sunak gathered ministers, diplomats, and philanthropists from around 20 countries at the one-day Global Food Security Summit in London, advocating for the use of artificial intelligence and advanced technology to combat malnutrition worldwide.

Call for Fundamental Shift in Food Security Approach

Sunak emphasized the need for a fundamental shift in addressing the worsening food-security crisis, citing the challenges posed by climate change, conflict, and population growth. He stressed the importance of long-term solutions and the utilization of science and technology to ensure resilient food supplies.

Virtual Science Hub and Global Research Partnership

The U.K. plans to establish a virtual science hub connecting international researchers focused on developing resilient crops. This initiative will be part of the global research partnership CGIAR.

Activists’ Call for Cease-Fire in Israel-Hamas Conflict

Activists from Medical Aid for Palestinians protested outside the conference venue, urging a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict to facilitate the delivery of urgent food and humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Urgent Humanitarian Pauses in Israel-Hamas Conflict

While the U.K. has not formally called for a cease-fire, Prime Minister Sunak appealed to Israel to agree to ‘urgent and substantive humanitarian pauses’ to allow the delivery of essential supplies to Gaza, acknowledging the worsening humanitarian situation in the region.