US climate assessment shows worsening warming impacts nationwide


A new government report reveals the severe and increasing impacts of climate change across all regions of the United States, affecting people’s well-being, livelihoods, and security.


A new government report, the National Climate Assessment, points out the far-reaching and worsening impacts of climate change across all regions of the United States. The report details the specific effects of climate change on people’s daily lives, attributing the harm to the acceleration of extreme weather events and the burning of coal, oil, and gas.

Regional Impacts

The assessment highlights that the Lower 48 states have warmed by 2.5 degrees since 1970, while Alaska has heated up by 4.2 degrees, significantly faster than the global average. The report emphasizes that extreme events like heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and heavy downpours are accelerating the impacts of climate change, ultimately affecting physical, mental, spiritual, and community health.

Local Level Analysis

The assessment’s interactive atlas provides detailed insights at the county level, revealing that climate change is adversely affecting people’s security, health, and livelihoods in diverse ways across the country. Minority and Native American communities are often at a disproportionately higher risk.

Future Projections

The report projects that the United States will warm about 40% more than the world as a whole, leading to approximately 3.8 degrees hotter temperatures by the end of the century. Warmer temperatures indicate even more extreme weather conditions, posing significant challenges for various regions and communities.

Call for Action

While the assessment emphasizes the alarming impacts of climate change, it also details actions to reduce emissions and adapt to the changing climate. The report presents a sense of hope by highlighting the potential for significant change through collective efforts at all levels of government and society.

Mixed Reactions

While some scientists are optimistic about the potential to address climate change, others express concerns that the report’s outlook may obscure the imminent dangers. There is a growing emphasis on the need for comprehensive preparedness and immediate action to mitigate the worsening impacts of climate change.