US Soccer Federation Considers Rule to Prevent Parent Pressure Following Reyna-Berhalter Feud


Summary: In response to the ongoing conflict between the Reyna family and the U.S. Soccer Federation, discussions are underway to establish a rule that would discourage parents from pressuring the organization. The issue arose when the Reyna family pushed for increased playing time for Gio Reyna at the World Cup, which resulted in a report by Alston and Bird highlighting past complaints. While no rule has been implemented yet, coach Gregg Berhalter addressed the matter, stating that the feud is behind them.

The U.S. Soccer Federation is currently engaged in conversations regarding the creation of a rule to prevent parents from exerting undue pressure on the organization. This comes after the Reyna family, specifically former U.S. captain Claudio Reyna, attempted to influence the allocation of playing time for Gio Reyna during the World Cup. Although no official rule has been established so far, coach Gregg Berhalter acknowledged the ongoing discussions but assured that the conflict has been resolved and the focus is now on moving forward.

Alston and Bird, a firm commissioned by the federation, conducted an investigation and produced a report that highlighted a pattern of complaints from the Reyna family dating back to 2016. These complaints include attempts to influence soccer officials in decisions pertaining to travel arrangements and on-field refereeing. Despite these efforts, Gio Reyna, a 20-year-old midfielder, managed to make appearances during the World Cup, albeit limited.

Recently, Gio Reyna returned to the field after recovering from a fractured leg and played in an exhibition match against Germany. Berhalter expressed satisfaction with Reyna’s performance, highlighting his key passes that created scoring opportunities. The coach also emphasized that it is crucial to build on this progress moving forward.

Although the feud between the Reyna family and the federation has dominated headlines, the focus now shifts to the upcoming exhibition match against Ghana. The U.S. has previously faced Ghana three times in the World Cup, with mixed results. As a co-host of the 2026 World Cup, the American team already has an automatic berth, while Ghana is preparing for qualifying matches in a group that includes the Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Madagascar, and Mali.

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