US Urges Israel to Show Restraint in Gaza Conflict


As renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza continues, the US is pressuring Israel to exercise caution and protect Palestinian civilians. The US officials’ remarks underscore the mounting pressure from Washington, as the conflict intensifies.

US Calls for Restraint

Amid the renewed conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the US is increasingly urging Israel to avoid further harm to Palestinian civilians. Vice President Kamala Harris and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made statements emphasizing the need for Israel to protect civilians during its military offensive.

Israeli Military Actions and US Coordination

Israeli forces have intensified their offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip following the breakdown of the truce. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced coordination with the US and international organizations to designate ‘safe areas’ for Gaza civilians. However, U.N. officials and residents in Gaza highlighted the challenges of complying with Israeli evacuation orders due to limited internet access and electricity amidst the military offensive.

Civilian Casualties and International Response

The conflict has resulted in significant civilian casualties, with reports of houses being destroyed and numerous deaths, including children. The US officials, including Vice President Harris and Defense Secretary Austin, expressed concern over the scale of civilian suffering and emphasized the importance of respecting international humanitarian law.

Continued Conflict and Humanitarian Concerns

The conflict has persisted, with both sides blaming each other for the collapse of the truce. Israeli forces recalled a team from Qatar, accusing Hamas of violating a deal. The situation in Gaza remains dire, with health officials reporting a high number of casualties and limited access to humanitarian aid. French President Macron has announced plans to work on a new truce during his visit to Qatar.

Targeted Attacks and Hamas Actions

The conflict escalated with targeted attacks in southern Gaza, including Khan Younis and Rafah. Hamas claimed to have targeted Tel Aviv with a rocket barrage, resulting in one man being treated for injuries in central Israel. The situation in the region remains volatile, with conflicting reports of the ongoing violence.