VAR Official Removed from Champions League Game After Disputed Penalty Decision


A video assistant referee has been removed from a Champions League game after a controversial penalty decision awarded to PSG against Newcastle contradicted UEFA’s own advice to referees.

Controversial Decision Leads to VAR Official’s Removal

A video review official, Tomasz Kwiatkowski, has been removed from his Champions League game following a disputed decision to award Paris Saint-Germain a stoppage-time penalty for handball against Newcastle. The incident contradicted UEFA’s advice to referees, causing significant controversy.

UEFA’s Guidance on Handball Rules

A UEFA panel of coaches and former players advised in April that no handball offense should be called on a player if the ball is previously deflected from his own body and does not go towards the goal. The advice emphasized the need for more consistency and alignment with the game’s true nature, aiming to reduce disputed decisions.

Impact on Standings and Teams

The penalty decision had a direct impact on the standings in Group F, keeping PSG two points clear of Newcastle in the second qualifying place for the round of 16. Newcastle must now win its home game against last-place AC Milan and hope PSG fails to win at Dortmund to advance to the Champions League round of 16.