Venice Implements New Measures to Control Mass Tourism


Venice introduces new regulations to manage tourist groups and plans to impose a day-tripper fee to protect the city from overcrowding and maintain quality of life for residents.

New Regulations on Tourist Groups

Venice has recently unveiled new restrictions to combat the impact of mass tourism on its historic center and surrounding islands. Starting in June, tourist groups will be limited to 25 people, and the use of loudspeakers will be prohibited to enhance the flow of groups in the city.

Day-Tripper Fee Implementation

In addition to the regulations on group size, the city plans to introduce a day-tripper fee of 5 euros ($5.45) per person on 29 peak days between April and mid-July. This fee aims to manage crowds, encourage longer stays, and improve the overall well-being of Venice residents.

Impact of Tourism on Venice

The detrimental impact of tourism on Venice’s fragile lagoon city has prompted concerns, with the U.N. cultural agency considering adding Venice to UNESCO’s list of heritage sites in danger. To address this, the city has taken measures to restrict the arrival of large cruise ships and now aims to mitigate the effects of mass tourism with additional regulations and fees.