Verstappen Wins Maiden Las Vegas Grand Prix After Snarky Remark and Comeback Drive


Max Verstappen’s snarky remark before a comeback drive led to his victory in the maiden Las Vegas Grand Prix, securing Red Bull’s 20th win of the season. Charles Leclerc finished second with Sergio Perez claiming third.

Max Verstappen’s Eventful Victory

Max Verstappen claimed victory in the maiden Las Vegas Grand Prix, marking Red Bull’s 20th win of this season. Despite a penalty and a damaged front wing, Verstappen showcased a clinical performance to secure the win.

Race Highlights

Verstappen passed Charles Leclerc early in the race but received a penalty for pushing him off the track. He also suffered a damaged front wing after a collision with Mercedes driver George Russell. However, a timely safety car allowed Verstappen to change tires and make a successful comeback, ultimately winning the race.

The Snarky Remark

Despite the penalty, Verstappen made a snarky remark over his team radio to the stewards, expressing his disapproval. His resilience and determination after facing challenges ultimately led to a remarkable victory.

Red Bull’s Dominance

Verstappen’s victory contributed to Red Bull’s record of 20 wins in a single season. His teammate, Sergio Perez, also secured third place, cementing Red Bull’s dominance in the drivers’ championship with both drivers finishing first and second.