Victoria Simplifies Rules for Building Granny Flats in Backyards


New regulations in Victoria eliminate the need for a planning permit when constructing small secondary dwellings, providing relief for homeowners and manufacturers.

Victoria Introduces New Rules for Building Granny Flats

Victoria has implemented new rules that waive the requirement for a planning permit when building a small secondary dwelling or ‘granny flat’. This change is expected to simplify the process and reduce the complexity and cost associated with constructing secondary dwellings.

Impact on Homeowners and Manufacturers

The new rules are welcomed by homeowners like Cherie Gaskin, who sought to provide a safe and affordable living space for her elderly parents. The changes aim to provide relief for homeowners and manufacturers, making it easier to build small secondary dwellings without the burden of obtaining a planning permit.

Details of the New Legislation

Under the new laws, a secondary building of up to 60sq m on a block of land measuring 300sq m or more can be built without the need for a planning permit, as long as certain specified requirements are met. The building must be self-contained and may be occupied by family, friends, or renters. However, a building permit is still required, and there can only be one secondary home on a lot.

Reactions and Perspectives

Manufacturers and industry experts have expressed approval of the new regulations, stating that it will remove hurdles and provide more flexibility for homeowners. However, some experts caution that while granny flats are beneficial for multi-generational living and rental income, they are not a long-term solution to the housing crisis.

Calls for Consistency

The need for consistent legislation across Victoria’s council regions has been emphasized by experts, aiming to provide better clarity and understanding for the community. It’s highlighted that a lack of consistency in terminology has led to confusion, and there’s a push for statewide regulations to address this.