Wests Tigers Shake-Up: New Leadership to Revive Troubled NRL Club


Wests Tigers make major changes after continued poor performance, as interim CEO Shane Richardson takes charge to steer the club in a new direction.


After facing two consecutive wooden spoons, Wests Tigers have made significant changes by appointing Shane Richardson as the interim chief executive to revamp the struggling NRL club.

Troubled History and Recent Performance

The Tigers have faced a prolonged struggle, not making it to the NRL finals since 2011 and claiming the 2005 premiership twice since then. This ongoing poor performance led to the dismissal of chair Lee Hagipantelis and the entire seven-person board. The club’s major sponsor, Brydens Lawyers, is owned by Hagipantelis, adding complexity to the situation.

Resignation of CEO and Interim Appointments

Justin Pascoe, who had faced increasing scrutiny after the club’s repeated failures, resigned from the CEO position following a review of the club’s culture and governance. The Holman Barnes Group, the board’s controlling faction, appointed former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell as the interim chair to lead a reshaped four-person board, including representatives from Holman Barnes and the two merger clubs of Balmain and Wests.

Challenges Ahead

As the new interim chief executive, Shane Richardson faces the daunting task of steering the club in a new direction. With the appointment of new head coach Benji Marshall, the club aims to break free from its historical failures. Richardson’s successful track record as an administrator, coupled with potential signings like Addin Fonua-Blake and Jarome Luai, signifies a pivotal point for the Tigers’ future.