What to Stream This Week in Entertainment


New movies, music, series, and video games are set to stream this week with highlights including Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer,’ Tina Turner’s collection of singles, and the debut of ‘Fargo: Year 5’ and ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’.

New Movies to Stream

This week, several new movies are releasing for streaming, including Christopher Nolan’s three-hour epic ‘Oppenheimer’ available for purchase, and Adam Sandler’s animated film ‘Leo’ on Netflix. Additionally, the documentary ‘Little Richard: I Am Everything’ will be streaming on Max, offering insight into the influential rock ‘n’ roll artist.

New Music to Stream

The music world is set to receive a significant release with the collection of 55 Tina Turner singles from 1975-2023. Additionally, British boy band Take That is making a comeback with their ninth studio album titled ‘This Life’, offering a fresh sound with a warm acoustic feel. These and more releases are set to hit the streaming platforms soon.

New Series to Stream

Exciting new series are on the horizon, including ‘Fargo: Year 5’ featuring a star-studded cast, the Taylor Swift-themed episode on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and the debut of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ where real people take on challenges inspired by the popular show. Finally, the classic children’s book ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ comes to life on Apple TV+ in a new special.

New Video Games to Play

While big game publishers are taking a break, intriguing indie adventures are set to be explored, such as ‘Worldless’ and ‘Stars and Time’, offering unique gameplay experiences for players on various platforms.