Who is Dave Limp? Is the CEO of Blue Origin limp?


Who is Dave Limp?

David is a former Venture Partner at Azure Capital Partners, and former Chief Strategy Officer at Palm.

David Limp is currently:
– Senior Vice President (retiring in Dec 2023) at Amazon Devices & Services
– Senior Vice President, Devices and Services (retiring in Dec 2023) at Amazon

David Limp earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science & Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Science in Management from Stanford Business School.

They have also studied at Vanderbilt University:
– Jason Taylor – Meta Platforms
– Kristin Lemkau – JPMorgan Chase
– David Mogensen – Uber

They have also studied at Stanford Business School:
– Ardine Williams – Amazon
– Jonathan Tinter – Microsoft
– Drew Carpenter – Nike

Who is the CEO of Blue Origin limp?

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, will have a new CEO before the end of the year. According to CNBC, David Limp, who currently serves as Amazon’s head of services and devices, will replace Bob Smith in the position.

The company has not yet confirmed the news publicly. However, the aforementioned media accessed internal emails in which both Bezos and Smith informed employees about this change.

David Limp will take over as Blue Origin’s new CEO on December 4. And while Bob Smith will leave his position on the same date, he will remain with the company until January 2, 2024. The intention is to make the transition between the two executives as smooth as possible.

This gives clarity to Limp’s departure as one of Amazon’s top executives. Last August, it had been confirmed that at the end of the year the aforementioned would leave his position at the e-commerce giant after a little more than 13 years. This news came as a surprise, considering that he was one of CEO Andy Jassy’s main allies, and that he had led the teams in charge of products such as Echo, Alexa, Kindle and Project Kuiper, among others.

What is certain is that David Limp will continue his career at Blue Origin, where he will have great challenges under Jeff Bezos. The aerospace company must not only continue working on its efforts linked to space tourism, where it competes directly with Virgin Galactic. It must also expedite the development of New Glenn, its next space launch vehicle, as well as the BE-4 engines for ULA’s Vulcan Centaur rocket. And let’s not forget that the company has been selected by NASA to develop Blue Moon, the lunar lander to be used on the Artemis V mission.

How Much is Dave Limp’s Salary and Net Worth?

Dave Limp’s salary has seen a remarkable evolution throughout his career. According to SEC Government reports, he began with an annual salary of $300,000, equivalent to $25,000 per month, payable semi-monthly.

When he transitioned to Amazon, his salary was predicted to have exceeded $500,000, reflecting the significant responsibilities he undertook at the tech giant.

David Limp’s Social Networking

Dave Limp LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davelimp