Woman with Cystic Fibrosis at Risk of Homelessness Receives Last-Minute Government Intervention


Summary: A woman in Queensland with cystic fibrosis was on the verge of homelessness when the state’s housing department suggested she call caravan parks for accommodations, until the government stepped in at the last minute.

Prudence McGuire, a 37-year-old woman with cystic fibrosis, was facing the expiration of her lease and struggling to find a new place to live. When she turned to the Department of Housing for help, she was told that finding accommodations within her desired timeframe would be unlikely and was advised to call caravan parks instead. However, due to her health, living in a caravan park was not a suitable option for McGuire. After the incident was brought to the attention of Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon, the government intervened and extended McGuire’s lease for at least three months, ensuring she would have a stable place to live. Scanlon also promised to provide additional rental support. McGuire, who is on the public housing waitlist, is just one of many people with disabilities waiting for permanent homes. There are almost 12,000 people with disabilities on Queensland’s social housing register, with 887 on the Sunshine Coast alone. The housing crisis is particularly challenging for vulnerable individuals, as rental markets have extremely low vacancy rates, making it difficult to secure affordable housing. However, Craig McIntyre, a worker from the Keys to Early Intervention in Homelessness Service, believes that most people have goodwill, but the current conditions are unfavorable for those in need.

Tags: cystic fibrosis, homelessness, government intervention, Department of Housing, rental crisis, disabilities